Our shows

Samba Carnaval

Let us take you to hot Brazil and let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of its traditional folk dance. The lively and dynamic choreography based on the resounding rhythms of South America, will lift you from your chairs at the sound of the first drum.


Turn your event into unforgettable show. ‘Glamour’ excels in femininity, sex appeal and passion. Its slow opening will compensate for the dynamic upgrade. Our dancers’s rhythm, skills and charisma will relax your senses and rouse your emotions. Let your imagination flow.


Grease / PinUp

Travel back in time with us! We will bring you back to the 20th century and remind you the power of those 70’s and 80’s. You can look forward to original costumes and typical rhythms, movements and melodies characteristic for these decades.

Cuban Pete

Cuban Pete choreo is inspired by a movie known for countless amusing scenes. It combines elements of several dance styles,  such as salsa, mambo, merengue, or rumba. Get captivated by its incredible vivacity and acting of our four dancers. You will definitely have fun!


Salsa is a dance that excites your soul and moves whole your body. The representation of feminine beauty, temperament and a romance at the same time will bring you an exceptional experience.

More from our portfolio


Mambo is one or the most energetic Latin American dances of Cuban origin. It is the embodiment of energy, breathtaking rapid step variations and captivating rhythm.

Christmas Soiree

Don’t you feel the Xmas spirit yet? Sweet and gently provocative at the same time. This choreography is based on the holiday classics of the most beautiful time of the year. It will intoxicate your senses and bring you that holiday feeling.

New Orleans

Decadence, idealism and creation of the Jazz Age. You can look forward to all of this is represented in choreography inspired by costumes from the popular movie Great Gatsby. We will take you to the period of the 20’s and 30’s of the last century, straight to the bars on Bourbon street.